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04/29/2015 White Paper: Emergency Lighting Measurement of Exit Signs

The main reasons for having an emergency lighting system is to ensure adequate lighting levels to allow orderly evacuation and also fulfill the function of clearly indicating exit routes including the “Emergency Exits”. Well-designed and properly installed emergency exit signs are essential for emergency exits to be effective and meet relevant codes (fire, building, health and

Conventionally, emergency exit signs displayed the word “EXIT” or equivalent in local language in large, well-lit, green or red letters, but the pictorial “running green man” symbol developed in 1980 and introduced in 2003 by ISO 7010 has increasingly been used as exit signs in many countries, such as Germany, Canada, Australia and parts of Asia Pacific, including Singapore.

In cases where exits are not immediately visible to occupants, access to exits should be marked by readily visible signs. Readily visible exit signs, either internally or externally illuminated, are a legal requirement.

To download this white paper, click here.


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