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6/9/2015 White Paper: Flavors and Fragrances Color Measurement Procedure

There has been an increase in demand for flavors and fragrances with an estimated annual growth of 4.5%. This growth results in the increase of quality checks for flavors and fragrances when it comes to parameters like color, taste, texture and aroma amongst others. Years of experience is required to acquire the skills of qualifying the above parameters which can be very challenging. Fortunately, color is one of the parameters which can be quantified using instrumental means, thus allowing food technologists to numerically determine the color differences or changes easily. This also enables the qualification process of colors to be much simpler.

Flavor and fragrance ingredients are primarily tested for their taste and smell functionality, but color is another test parameter increasing in criticality over the years. Most major manufacturers implements color control as a standard control procedure to ensure consistency in products’ quality, as inconsistent color might mean poor quality and inferior products to consumers.

Color measurement can be conducted at various stages, the initial raw stage, the product in process stage and the finished product stage.

To download this white paper, click here.


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