Light Measurement

Light Measurement Instruments

Konica Minolta light meters offer a plethora of styles and sizes for measuring light accurately. Konica Minolta light meters can be used in labs to measure chemically reactive substances, the illumination of LEDs and CRTs, for quality control and government testing, and of course for photography and cinematography. Typically, light measurement is often neglected because it’s one of the least understood areas in imagery, so Konica Minolta blends cutting edge technology with ergonomic design for light meters that are suitable for any job. For those on the go, many of our light meters operate on 9 volt batteries and are easily portable, and they’re easy to read and understand. Every aspect of imagery is important and light measurement must to be taken into account. To be sure your light measurement needs are being met, Konica Minolta light measurement equipment is held to the strictest accuracy and quality. Konica Minolta has the right light measuring equipment to fit your individual budget and needs, whether you need to measure illuminance or luminance. Light meters are not all the same as needs differ from application to application, so choose the style and light meter most suited to your individual needs by browsing the meters below.

CL-200A Chroma Meter from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CL-200A Chroma Meter

The CL-200A Chroma Meter concurrently measures the chromaticity of light sources such as LED, Organic LED (OLED), and other forms of Organic Electroluminescence (EL) as well as color temperature and illuminance.

CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta introduced the CL-500A as its first lightweight, compact illuminance spectrophotometer. The device is designed to evaluate next generation lamps including EL illumination and LED illumination. The stand alone design and advanced sensors easily measure Color Rendering Index (CRI), chromaticity, color temperature, and illuminance of essentially every light source whether it is in the field or in the lab.

LS-100 Illuminance Meter from Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments

LS-100 Luminance Meter

The lightweight, handheld LS-100 luminance meter is a compact and portable device that is ideal for measuring a variety of luminance conditions with a Φ14.4mm measuring area.

LS-100 Illuminance Meter from Konica Minolta Measuring Instruments

LS-110 Luminance Meter

The compact handheld LS-110 luminance meter is lightweight and portable, perfect for measuring Φ4.8mm areas consisting of a vast range of luminance conditions.

T-10A Illuminance Meter

T-10A and T-10MA Illuminance Meter

The handheld T-10A and T-10MA are designed for easy use to measure the quality and brightness of a light source as it lies along a surface.