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Solutions for Color Matching and Data Software

The most comprehensive software solutions in the imagery industry are available now through Konica Minolta, a company known for its superior technology and accurate measuring instruments.

One of the solutions you can read more about below is our CM-SA Skin Analysis Software. Used in many applications for obtaining an accurate measurement of skin color, the CM-SA operates in conjunction with a spectrophotometer. It’s a highly non-intrusive process that does not create stress for the subject.

Previously, data scanning software designed to work with 3D scanners used technology that focused on providing better methods to optimize polygon mesh models and creating NURBS surfaces of particularly high quality from 3D scanner data. This was important technology, but it ignored the needs of users who were after parametric CAD models made from data compiled by a 3D scanner.

Spectral Mismatch Software is a solution that allows users to understand the spectral mismatch between manufactured reference cells and AK series. Each of these series cells comes with this software, which you can use for a trial run by downloading it from our website.

Finally, Spectramagic NX Color Data Software, with its step by step assistance in navigation, prefixed templates, simplified tutorials and customized reports brings users an ease of use that they’ve never before experienced. With the software’s advanced control for use and color measurement functions, engineers are using it across a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, paint and coatings, cosmetics, food, plastics and textiles.

SpectraMagic NX allows for quick and accurate color control and inspection of outbound color critical items, inter-process production and raw parts and materials. Users have access to templates that are pre-defined for pass/fail determination, research and development analysis and statistical process control.

Read more about each of these advanced products in the boxes below. Click on the boxes for even more information.

CM-SA Skin Analysis Software from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CM-SA Skin Analysis Software

The CM-SA skin analysis software enables measurement of skin color that’s highly-accurate. It works in conjunction with a spectrophotometer effortlessly and the subject does not experience undue stress.



Colibri® color management systems help designers, brand owners and management companies, manufacturers and suppliers to specify, produce, manage and communicate color. This software platform uses a single central database which enables you to add modules and add-ons according to the … Continue reading

Spectral Mismatch Software

Spectral Mismatch Software

Used to determine the spectral mismatch between AK series and any manufactured reference cell.


Spectramagic DX

SpectraMagic™DX, successor to SpectraMagic™NX, is a color measurement and control software suitable for a wide range of industries like foods, plastics and paint & coatings. Similar to SpectraMagic™NX, user can easily inspect and control color involving incoming raw materials, in … Continue reading

SpectraMagic NX - Color Quality Control Software

Spectramagic NX

Color Quality control like never before