Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, the worldwide leader in light color and shape measurement, is pleased to announce the ability to address all of your measurement applications from UV to NIR.

Along with our vast applications and industry knowledge, Konica Minolta can now provide you with modular and customizable solutions tailor-made for your measurement needs, detecting light from UV all the way to NIR.

We offer scalable and customizable  solutions for a wide range of applications used in a variety of industries.

  • Transmittance / Absorption

    Example System: Glacier X, light source, Cuvette holder, 2 fibers, PC Software.  

    Application: The measurement of transmittance and absorbance of a sample liquid such as Juice. This example set up allows the measurements in the UV range at an affordable price.

  • LED Measurement

    Example System: Quest X spectrometer, integrating sphere, fibers, pc software  

    Application: spectral, light output, and color characterization of LED's. Ideal for quality control and R&D applications where speed and cost effective measurements are required.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Example System: i-trometer spectrometer, collimator lens, fiber, pc software.  

    Application: By using a high sensitivity and high dynamic range spectrometer environmental monitoring various parameters is achievable. For example we have used our system to analyze the spectral characteristics of emissions from volcanoes.

  • Reflection Measurements

    Example System: Cypher H spectrometer, reflectance probe, fibers, light source, pc software.  

    Application: Reflectance spectrum of materials can be characterized, for example color in-line monitoring, general color measurement, and general spectroscopy of materials which reflect light.

  • Transmittance via Immersion Probe

    Example System: Cypher H spectrometer, immersion probe, light source, fibers, pc software  

    Application: measurements using an immersion probe are ideal for the spectral analysis of solutions with low transparency.

  • Fluorescence Measurement

    Example System:  Glacier X spectrometer, laser excitation, dichroic filter, coupling lens, pc software.  

    Application: Using laser light the measurement of weak fluorescence of the sample is possible. The Glacier X spectrometer is also cooled allowing noise suppression in low light measurements over longer periods of time.

  • UV/Vis Spectroscopy for HPLC

    Example System: i-trometer spectrometer, flow cell, UV light source, liquid sample transmission system, fibers, pc software  

    Application: Equipping your high performance liquid chromatography system with UV/Vis spectroscopic data.

  • Spectral Irradiance Measurements

    Example System: SpectraRad xpress (shown here) or SpectraRad featured in SPIE article, pc software.  

    Application: A system for the fast and easy spectral characterization of light sources, including intensity and color measurement.

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