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Alan Chua

Alan Chua

Alan Chua is the Assistant Manager of Konica Minolta Sensing Singapore Pte Ltd. Graduated from an electrical engineering background, he is mainly involved in sales, seminar, training and coaching in the field of light and color management. In his 18 years of experience in managing and providing solutions to the many industrial applications, he has also conducted color seminars and workshops to educate the industry on instrumentation technologies and color science. He was also invited as speaker for The Academy of Fashion Professions (TaF.tc) seminar which is the training arm of Textile & Fashion Federation (TaF.f). He was also the speaker for the Color Cosmetics Conference.

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Flavors & Fragrances Color Control

Flavors and fragrances are used in processed food, personal and consumer care products. With growing affluence, production of these consumer goods is rising and the use of flavor and fragrance ingredients is growing in tandem. To meet today’s demanding consumers’ … Continue reading

Green Buildings

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Color Control of Spices

Color Control of Spices

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Color Control in the Cosmetics Industry

Color Control in the Cosmetics Industry

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Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon

Spectrophotometric Study of Chlorophyll in EcoSystems

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