Konica Minolta News

03/31/17 White Paper: Color Measurement of Animal Feed


08/15/2016 Press Release: Konica Minolta Baking Meter BC-10 Plus

10/20/2015 White Paper: Best Practices For Performing Visual Color Evaluation

10/13/2015 White Paper: Display White Point Is Specification by Color Temperature Sufficient?

8/3/2015 White Paper: Color Measurement of Desiccated Coconut

6/9/2015 White Paper: Flavors and Fragrances Color Measurement Procedure

04/29/2015 White Paper: Emergency Lighting Measurement of Exit Signs

1/20/2015 Konica Minolta Develops FD-9, World’s Fastest*1 Auto-Scanning Spectrophotometer, Bringing Improved Accuracy in Color Management to Users in the Printing Industry

12/1/2014 White Paper: Color Measurement and Control High Visibility Safety Apparel

10/01/2014 White Paper: Light Measurement and Control Illumination and Color Properties LED Lamp

10/15/2014 White Paper: Personal Care Industry Color Control Skin Color Measurement and Analysis

10/10/2014 White Paper: Color Measurement and Control Calibration of Color Instruments

9/10/13: Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-5 Wins Prestigious Asian Manufacturing Award For In Best Food / Beverage Safety and Testing

03/18/13: Matchmycolor to show new Color Plugin for design software at the Masterbatch Asia Conference

12/05/2012: Konica Minolta Sensing Singapore Launches New Asian Website