Color & Appearance

Konica Minolta Sensing’s spectrophotometers and colorimeters are often used to measure the color of transparent and coated glass.


Rhopoint IQ-S 20°/60°/85°

The Rhopoint IQ-S is an innovative geniophotometer that provides key measures of surface appearance, gloss, haze and RIQ for detecting surface defects like orange peel or surface haze. Where standard gloss meters only measure gloss, the IQ-S is a cost … Continue reading


Rhopoint IQ FLEX 60 & IQ FLEX 20

The Rhopoint IQ FLEX Glossmeter with external measurement head has been established as the reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance of paint and coatings, particularly in the automotive and marine coatings sectors. By measuring a complete goniophotometric curve, the instrument … Continue reading