Color Education Series

Color Education Series

Understanding light and color theory can be overwhelming. Konica Minolta makes it easy with our Color Education Series. These seminars include a presentation, interactive exercises, case studies and an opportunity to try out the instruments. The education series are designed to help engineers approach light and color works in the workplace. With a wide range of topics to choose, our Color Education Series is suitable for industry professionals with job functions in production, quality control, research and development.

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  • Visual Color Assessment
  • Light Booth Requirement
  • Establishing Evaluation Procedures
  • Documenting and Reporting

  • Fundamentals of Color Science
  • Color Spaces and Color Variation
  • Understanding and Identifying Metamerism
  • Color Difference Measurement and Assessment
  • Establishing Color Tolerances

  • Functionalities and Types of Instruments
  • Applications and Measurement Methods
  • Managing and Quantifying Color Challenges
  • Numerical Gloss Control

  • Understanding Color Rendering Properties
  • Determining Characteristics and Limitations
  • Instrumental & Evaluation Techniques

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