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Spectrophotometer to Evaluate Color in Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry completely revolves around color. Color is a crucial component to every cosmetic item that is manufactured. It is extremely important that color is consistent throughout a batch of cosmetics. Consumers buy cosmetics based on color and depend on this consistency when repurchasing the product in the future. It is essential that brands are precise in testing and in matching color on the production line. This evaluation for quality control can be done with a spectrophotometer.

The Key to Uniform Color

The job of a spectrophotometer is to measure color and present it in conclusive numerical terms. With this tool, differences in hue can be pinpointed down to a definitive exactness. Any discernable difference can be adjusted while the product is on the production line. Color evaluation is crucial in order to eliminate waste by allowing changes to be made before the final product. This will help create a product that is in line with specified standards to increase company profits in the long run.

Recommended Instrument for Use Within the Cosmetics Industry:

CM-5 Bench-top Spectrophotometer

This quick and simple benchtop spectrophotometer can ensure that color stays uniform throughout development of cosmetics or in the production of a batch.

Key Features:

    • Measures in 3 simple steps
    • Integrated software and LCD screen eliminates need for a separate computer
    • PASS/FAIL grading for quick readings
    • Versatility to measure a different sample sizes and forms

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