Pharmaceutical Industry Color & Appearance Solutions

Spectrophotometers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Color is a main component in the production of pharmaceutical and personal care products. Color can be used for many reasons such as to ensure that a product adheres to quality standards, or enhance a product’s appearance. If a color is not exact, it can alter the outcome of the final product and cause waste on the production line.

Measuring Color with Accuracy

Konica Minolta Sensing Asia offers instruments designed for precise color measurement. Spectrophotometers ensure that a product’s color matches specifications by evaluating and expressing it in numerical terms. Manufacturers can control pigments and hues in pills, powders, liquids, and other pharmaceutical products more easily with the color information provided by the spectrophotometer. This extreme accuracy reduces waste and outputs higher quality items with greater efficiency, which will increase profits.

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Spectrophotometer Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

The New CM-5 Spectrophotometer from Konica Minolta Sensing

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Measure Color with the CM 700d Spectrophotometer

Click Here to Download the CM-700D Catalog.

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Accessories for the Cm-600d and CM-700d Spectrophotometers

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