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Spectrophotometers to Measure Inconsistency in Plastic Colors

Plastic manufacturing is often compromised by continuous rejection on the production line due to problems such as color discrepancies. Keeping color consistent through the supply chain is one way to control and reduce this type of waste. Products that don’t pass a quality control check can affect the company profits, altering lead time and final quantities. Integrating a high grade color evaluation into the process ensures a final product with a consistent appearance. This can be done with a spectrophotometer.

Color Solutions

A spectrophotometer can measure the value of a color in numerical terms. With a spectrophotometer, pigments can be compared on an extremely precise level that surpasses the perception of the human eye. This process allows colors to be compared to manufacturer standards during the molding and compounding stage of production, eliminating inconsistencies early. Color measurement reduces waste and improves profits.

Popular color measurement instruments used in the plastics industry:

CM-5 Bench-top Spectrophotometer

An important tool in R&D and laboratory testing, this bench-top spectrophotometer is able to provide the data necessary to improve the appearance of color in plastics.

Key Features:

    • Measures in 3 simple steps
    • Integrated software and LCD screen eliminates need for a separate computer
    • PASS/FAIL grading for quick readings
    • Versatility to measure a different sample sizes and forms

Click Here to Download the CM-5 Catalog.

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CM-600d Portable Spectrophotometer

A trusted instrument on the plastic production line, this portable spectrophotometer identifies color inconsistencies immediately and ensures the final product meets color specifications.

Key Features:

    • Tight inter-instrument agreement, allowing multiple production lines to communicate color seamlessly between each other
    • Displays data numerically or in graphs to show color differences in opaque objects
    • Windows compatible for easy control and editing
    • Able to quickly transfer results to a computer via bluetooth

Click Here to Download the CM-600d Catalog.

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