AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell

Used to accurately calibrate solar simulator intensity for a-si type cells. Can be used individually or with the AK-110 µ-si reference cell for tandem type cells.
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AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell

Solar simulator intensity on a-si cells are calibrated with accuracy using the AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell. Accurate calibrations can be performed while the AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cellis used individually or in conjunction with the AK-110 u-si reference cell for cells of the tandem type.

Benefits and usages of renewable energy are seeing an increased focus getting placed on solar or photovoltaic cells. Companies can realize a continued improvement in solar cell performance and traits by performing necessary evaluations on their products as the products are observed while used in standard testing conditions. To get consistently accurate readings, it is important to use a photovoltaic reference cell that has a calibrated short circuit current. This way intensity or strength levels of a solar simulator used for measurements can be accurately adjusted.

It is possible to use the AK-110 for tandem type (a-si/u-si) cells with the AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell. The AK-100 can also be used as a standalone reference. In addition to having best industry accuracy and consistency (in accord with JIS C8904), all filtered PV Konica Minolta Sensing reference cells like the AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell are ready as soon as you remove them from the box. They come with a short circuit current (lsc) test report and a PT-100 temperature sensor. AK-100 Amorpous Silicon Reference Cells and all AK series instruments are available for delivery with calibration traceable to NREL.


AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell

Spectral mismatch error of less than 1%

By employing the high-accuracy optical filter technology cultivated for our color-measuring instruments, we have succeeded in greatly reducing spectral mismatch, which had been a major problem with conventional cells. Spectral mismatch can be suppressed to 1% or less, even when evaluating solar cell performance using JIS C-8942 Class C solar simulators.

Improved durability against solar simulator light

Standard reference cells using optical filters typically have low durability against exposure to solar simulator light.  This causes changes in characteristics due to the effects of light exposure (solarization) making accurate measurements difficult. AK series Reference PV Cells have a high durability against exposure to light, greatly reducing solarization and ensuring stability.

Improved reflection characteristics

Error in short-circuit current (Isc) due to multiple reflection is greatly reduced. Improvements in the optical structure suppress multiple reflections and reduce the 1.3% error of conventional products to 0.0%.

Maintain standard test condition of 25°C

A PT-100 temperature sensor is integrated into the package of the AK series cells, and can be connected to a temperature-controlled stage for reference PV cells to easily achieve and maintain the standard test condition (STC) of 25°C.

Calibration Certificate

A calibration certificate traceable to the National Renewable Energy Lab in the United States or Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology is available as an optional accessory

Software for calculation of spectral mismatch

Every AK series cell includes our Spectral Mismatch Software.  The software can be used to determine the spectral mismatch between the AK Series PV Cell and any manufactured solar cell.  The software is available for download as a trial from our website.

Spectral mismatch calculation software download (free)


AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell

Model AK-100
Spectral mismatch error * Within ±1%
Short-circuit current (Isc) at 25°±1°C 40 mA or higher
Receptor area 20 × 20 mm
Aperture area 47 × 47 mm
FOV 160°
FF 65% or higher
Temperature sensor PT-100
Connector for I-V measurement XLR-type Cannon plug (JIS standard)
Connector for temperature measurement LEMO connector (WPVS standard)
Operating temperature/ humidity range 20 to 30°C, relative humidity 65% or less
Storage temperature/ humidity range 15 to 30°C, relative humidity 30 to 75% with no condensation
Size (W × D × H) 120 × 90 × 21.5 mm
Weight 600 g
Short-circuit current Short-circuit current values measured under Konica Minolta standard test method are listed in the included test report
Standard accessories Storage Case PV-A01, M4 screws (4pcs), Connector for I-V Measurement (male) PV-A02, Protection Plate PV-A03, Test Report, Inspection Report
Optional Calibration Calibration Certificate (NREL, AIST Traceable)
* Spectral mismatch error evaluated according to Konica Minolta standard test conditions


AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell

Included Accessories

Spectral Mismatch Software
Spectral Mismatch Software

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Suggested Accessories

Reference Cell Temperature Controller
Reference Cell Temperature Controller

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AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell

AK-100 Amorphous Silicon Reference Cell Brochure: Download PDF (2.1MB)