(DISCONTINUED) Soma Spectroradiometer

You can use spectroradiometers to measure the light output of a solar simulators. The instruments are also used to measure spectral irradiance and spectral match to illuminance and standard.
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(DISCONTINUED) Soma Spectroradiometer

A Soma spectroradiometer measures a solar simulator’s spectral irradiance accurately, using ASTM and JIS standards to determine the solar simulator classification.

The Soma spectroradiometer accurately measures light properties, specifically sunlight spectral irradiance. Light source is tested and measured as a Soma spectroradiometer, solar simulator and included software are used conjunctly.

The design of the Soma spectroradiometer utilizes a top level efficient diffraction grating spectrometer. Models S-2441C/2442C use a trigger collector to measure pulse-style solar simulators. Compact and inexpensive, the top performance Soma spectroradiometer is ideal for every user.

Features of the Soma S-2440C/2441C are a 300~1,100nm wavelength, 2.5~1,000msec time exposure and 5nm resolution. With Model S-2442C exposure time is decreased to 1~1,000msec. Operating off Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32bit), the Soma has JIS and ASTM output calculations and spectral irradiance.


(DISCONTINUED) Soma Spectroradiometer


The Soma Spectroradiometers can measure pulse-type, as well as non-pulse-type, solar simulators.

Ideal for all users

The Soma Spectroradiometers are inexpensive and compact.


The Soma Spectroradiometers provide quick measurements.


The Soma Spectroradiometers calculate adherence to the ASTM and JIS standards.


(DISCONTINUED) Soma Spectroradiometer

S-2440C, S-2441C, S-2442C
300 ~ 1100nm
Slit Wavelength Width
Reflecting Diffuser
15H X 60W X 80Dmm / ø 40mm
Exposure Time
S-2440C, 2-2441C = 2.5 ~ 1,000 msec
2-2242C = 1 ~ 1,000 msec
Incidence Optics
Reflecting Diffuser 1m length optical fiber
110(H) X 90(W) X 180(D) / 1.4kg
Trigger Unit
S-2440C = None
2-2441C, 2-2242C = Included
Operating System
Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit, 64bit (Japanese/English Version)
USB 2.0
Measuring Modes
S-2440C, 2-2441C = Normal Measuring, Trigger Signal, Repeat Measuring, Standard Light Source Measuring
2-2242C = All modes and an added Time resolving measuring mode
Data Format
CSV Text | 1nm data step
Measuring Item
Spectral Irradiance (µw / cm² / nm)

Classification of Spectral coincidence class:
IEC 60904-9 (ED-2) -2007, ASTM (Direct AM1.5, Global AM1.5) -2009
JIS C 8912-2011, JIS C 8933-2011, JIS C 8942-2009
Carrying Case
AC100 ~ 240V dedicated AC-DC adapter, Power for main body: DC12V 1A
Temperature and Humidity
10 - 35°C, Less than Relative Humidity 80% / Non-condensing

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

(DISCONTINUED) Soma Spectroradiometer

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(DISCONTINUED) Soma Spectroradiometer

Soma Spectroradiometer Brochure: Download PDF (2.5MB)