(Discontinued) UM-10 UV Radiometer

UV Radiometer (for UV intensity measurements)

The UM-10 UV radiometer was designed to measure ultraviolet intensity.
UM-10 UV Radiometer from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

(Discontinued) UM-10 UV Radiometer

The Konica Minolta was crafted to record the strength of ultraviolet radiation as well as radiation. There are many areas of product development and production that use UV radiation such as agricultural technology, food production technology, and semiconductor production; more commonly recognized industries include cosmetics (sun beds) and medicine. UV radiometers, such as the UM-10 UV radiometer are designed to capture this form of radiation while providing a way to control it in certain situations like research and development.

Background Knowledge

UV radiation strength is measured in W/m2 (or W/cm2); a measurement that is the equivalent to lux measurements (performed with lux meters) of illumination strength. The measurement essentially indicates how much UV radiation hits a specific surface.

To find the radiant physical equivalent to exposure a UV radiometer uses radiation to indicate how much UV radiation in J/m2 (Joule per square meter) or mJ/cm2 that strikes a surface during the course of a set time frame.

UM-10 UV Radiometer

The UM-10 UV Radiometer is petite and handy with a modular construction offering a choice of three different receptor heads to record UV radiation within the spectral area of 220nm to 480nm. The broad measurement range of 0.1 to 199,900 W/cm2 is displayed as the device automatically switches the measurement range then indicates the reading on the ample LCD. Both digital (RS-232C) and analogue output allow measurement values to a personal computer as well as other devices. The appropriate receptor head can be attached to the UM-10 UV Radiometer once a spectral area or measurement task has been determined.

Receptor Head UM-250

The UM-250 receptor head was created to capture “hard” UV radiation ranging in the area of 220nm to 300nm possessing a center of gravity wavelength of roughly 250nm.

Receptor Head UM-360

The UM-360 receptor head was designed to capture “soft” UV radiation resting in the area of 310nm tp 400nm possessing a center of gravity wavelength of roughly 415nm.

Receptor Head UM-400

The UM-400 receptor head was crafted to capture blue and UV radiation ranging in the area of 360nm to 480nm possessing a center of gravity of roughly 415nm.

UM-10 UV Radiometer from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

(Discontinued) UM-10 UV Radiometer

Highly-sensitive, user-friendly, handheld device. Three different receptor types provide support for a wide range of situations. Auto-range function for a wide variety of measurement applications.


  • Industries using chemically-reactive substances
  • Industries using substances having a bio-response to light emission
  • Industries using substances having a photoelectric reaction

(Discontinued) UM-10 UV Radiometer

Principal Specifications

Type Irradiance meter with interchangeable receptor heads for measuring UV radiation
Receptor heads Receptor Silicon photodiode
Model UM-250 UM-360 UM-400
Spectral response 220 to 300nm 310 to 400nm 360 to 480nm
Peak wavelength 250±10nm 365±5nm 415±5nm
Cosine error 30° Within ±3% Within ±3% Within ±3%
60° Within ±15% Within ±10% Within ±10%
Measurement modes Irradiance ;integrated irradiance*and integration time*;irradiance difference*;percent irradiance*
Irradiance measuring range 0.1 to 199,900µW/cm2 in four automatically selected ranges
Integrated irradiance range* Maximum approx.100000mJ/cm2 measurable (in 9999 display cycles)
Integration time* 999,900sec.(288h)
Linearity Within ±5% of reading = 1 digit
Temperature/humidity drift Within ±3% ±1 digit (of value displayed at 23°C/73.4°F) within operating temperature/humidity range
Analog output 0 to 3V;1mV/digit
Digital output RS-232C 2400BPS
Display 4-digit LCD
Operating temperature/humidity range 0 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature/humidity range -20 to 55°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Power source One 9V battery or optional AC adapter
Dimensions 73.5×186×33mm(2-7.8×7-5/16×1-5/16 in)
Weight 270g(9.5 oz.) including battery
Standard accessories Case;Cap;Strap;Analog output plug

* Available only with optional Expansion Keyboard UM-A25 attached.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

(Discontinued) UM-10 UV Radiometer

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(Discontinued) UM-10 UV Radiometer

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