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IQ OQ PQ Validation

Konica Minolta Sensing Asia is committed to producing the industry’s most intelligent and wide-ranging validation and verification (IQ, OQ, PQ) service for our line of software and color measuring instruments. Our validation and verification program is specifically designed to make sure that your software and equipment is satisfying all factory specifications at your location.

Repairs & Tech Support

Konica Minolta Sensing offers their customers 5 Star Service on equipment repairs and technical support. We promise you fast, professional service and offer the industry’s most comprehensive extended warranty program to keep your instruments running like new.

3-D Hardware and Support

Konica Minolta Sensing offers state-of-the-art repair and technical support for all of it's 3D Hardware and applications. We're always on call for your questions and inquiries about our 3D Scanning equipment. All of our instruments are handled by certified technicians specifically catered to each and every 3D instrument.

Product Training

Training offered by Konica Minolta Sensing certified trainers assures that your personnel are fully trained on Konica Minolta Sensing hardware and software solutions. Training ensures personnel of all levels are up to speed; meeting the demanding needs associated with industrial measurement systems. Training is offered in a variety of flexible and convenient formats including on site, at Konica Minolta Sensing headquarters, and via the web. Full- and half-day options are available.