Konica Minolta Annual Factory Calibration and Inspection

Konica Minolta Annual Factory Calibration and Inspection

Yearly Factory Calibration and Inspection

Regular yearly factory inspection and calibration are just as critical for Konica Minolta Sensing instruments as they are for any other precision equipment. With age performance and accuracy decrease due to a number of important conditions like frequency of use and location environment. Using equipment in dirty or dusty environments are some of the largest causes of poor performance or even equipment failure. Konica Minolta Sensing highly recommends annual factory inspection to make sure instruments continue to function at peak performance.

Why is yearly factory inspection crucial?

Without yearly factory inspection, serious performance problems could occur like those in the diagrams below. If left unadjusted these issues can cause an instrument to give improper measurements or even instrument failure.

When you send your equipment in for yearly inspection Konica Minolta Sensing will make sure all detectors, sensors, and system optics are performing at factory calibrated standards. If any inconsistencies or problems are discovered during inspection they are immediately corrected.

Why is Yearly Factory Calibration Essential?

Contrary to popular belief, daily calibration is not equal to the kind of calibration instruments undergo during yearly factory calibration. At the factory, new instruments are calibrated to standards with known values, giving Konica Minolta excellent inter-instrument agreement. This allows two of the same units to read nearly identically.

Daily calibration only prepares the unit for use. Environmental conditions like temperature and humidity are two of the largest factors that can have an effect on an instrument’s measurement performance. As these two factors fluctuate during the day, day after day measurement readings will be affected. Daily calibration with the factory white tile that’s included can bring the instrument back to peak operating conditions enabling it to provide consistent measurements every day.

More Reasons Why Yearly Factory Calibration and Inspection is Recommended.

Getting your equipment factory inspected and calibrated every year not only protects your investment, it also reduces waste and rejects of your product. Inconsistency in measurement values is directly correlated to inconsistency in production resulting in large scale profit losses.

Annual Factory and Calibration

Final Thoughts:

  • ISO quality management expects instruments to be calibrated and/or inspected on a yearly basis at minimum.
  • In order to prevent catastrophic failures and stops in a production line, solid management practices dictate that instruments must be inspected.
  • 6 Sigma Quality Policies mandate that instruments inspections must occur twice a year with pre and post data.
  • Without Quality Control Policies, instruments that are not regularly inspected can experience instrument failures and as a result produce an inconsistent product that is then distributed to customers.