Colorimeters such are tristimulus instruments used primarily for Quality Control applications. They are used mainly to insure samples fall within color tolerances set by a user.

BC-10 Baking Contrast Meter - Konica Minolta Sensing

BC-10 Baking Contrast Meter

When measuring the color of baked, processed and fried foods and various food ingredients, the Konica Minolta BC-10 assures that the finished appearance will be consistent. Perfect for companies with multiple lines and plants, this colorimeter is also widely used by restaurants and co-packers, when quality enhancement and higher consistency in the appearance of products is required.

This advanced tool also is able to measure the color of numerous snacks as well as baked crusts, flour blends, block yeast, calcium propionate, brown sugar and other baking products. Students in cooking schools use the BC-10 for training in color recognition, international bakery assistance and research and development.

CA-310 Color Analyzer from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CA-310 Color Analyzer

High-speed, high-accuracy instrument that provides even higher accuracy for measuring LED-backlit LCD TVs by reducing errors due to variations in the peak wavelength of LED backlights.


CR-10 Plus Color Reader

Konica Minolta’s CR-10 Plus (successor to the CR-10) color difference reader is a portable, battery powered, and hand-held instrument for quick, precise color control. The CR-10 Plus tristimulus colorimeter is easily operable, economical and portable like never before. With a … Continue reading


CR-20 Color Reader

The handheld CR-20 (combined successor to the CR-11, CR-13, CR-14), color reader, measures the color and whiteness of foods or raw materials in paste, solid, or powder form. It boasts an impressive LCD screen that displays measurement results from one … Continue reading

CR-400 Chroma Meter from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CR-400 Chroma Meter

The CR-400 handheld chroma meter is a color measuring instrument that’s user-friendly and can be used on a variety of surfaces in many types of applications. With its 8mm aperture size, it can measure on its own or connect to a data processor for advanced features and on-site printing.

CR-400 Chroma Meter from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CR-410 Chroma Meter

The CR-410 chroma meter is a user-friendly, hand held color measuring instrument which can be used on a variety of surfaces in many types of applications. Featuring a 50mm aperture, this unit can measure on its own or, for advanced features and on-site printing, be connected to a data processor.


CR-410C Coffee Index Colorimeter

The CR-410C coffee colorimeter measures the color of coffee easily and accurately. It can perform these measurements on a wide variety of coffee: whole green beans, roasted beans, and roasted coffee. A The colorimeter is used to measure coffee bean … Continue reading