Gloss Meters

Gloss meters are used to measure specular reflection.  Specular reflection has a direct relationship between the ratio of incident light and reflected light, and has been used as the basis for standardizing and measuring gloss values. There are numerous International Standards that define the methodology and technical specifications of gloss meters for measurement on different types of materials. Konica Minolta’s gloss meters keep in line with these standards, and are crafted with precision and accuracy in mind.

The Multigloss 268 gloss meter is a remarkably small, portable gloss meter with multiple measuring angles that are in full accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS and JIS norms. It has only two keys for operation, of all the gloss meter’s functions which include language settings, calibration, measurement, and statistics. This gloss meter is built with quick and easy performance in mind. With the gloss meter’s three angles of 20°, 60° and 85° a wide variety of surfaces, from matte to high gloss, can be measured. In order to maintain perfect production control from first article to last, up to 999 measurements can be stored and used for statistical calculations.

The Uni Gloss 60Plus is a more cost effective model with only one measuring angle of 60°. This gloss meter provides all the functions and advantages of the Multi Gloss 268Plus. The only thing this gloss meter doesn’t have that the Multi Gloss 268Plus gloss meter does, is multiple measurement angles. If, however, you intend to utilize a gloss meter for a singular purpose, the Uni Gloss 60Plus gloss meter may be the better choice. Konica Minolta makes certain all their gloss meters are in compliance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, BS, and JIS standards, so you can be sure that whichever gloss meter you choose is of the highest quality. 

Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

Measures the gloss condition of object surfaces.

Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

Uni Gloss 60Plus Gloss Meter

Measured gloss condition of object surfaces.