Incidence Color Meter

Incidence Color Meters are similar to Illuminance Meters in design, the exception being that Incidence Color Meters operate with a three element sensor crafted to measure photometric brightness as it fall on a surface and provide color information.

CL-200A Chroma Meter from Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CL-200A Chroma Meter

The CL-200A Chroma Meter concurrently measures the chromaticity of light sources such as LED, Organic LED (OLED), and other forms of Organic Electroluminescence (EL) as well as color temperature and illuminance.


CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter

The CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter is an entry-level solution for the measurement and evaluation of the illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI) of various illumination sources such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps.