Luminance Color Meters

Also known as Chroma Meters, luminance and color meters measure photometric brightness as well as give color information.


CS-150 Luminance and Color Meter

The CS-150 (successor to the CS-100A) is a highly accurate tristimulus colorimeter equipped with newly designed sensors with spectral responses that more closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions representing the sensitivity of the human eye to provide measurement results … Continue reading


CS-160 Luminance and Color Meter

The CS-160 is lightweight, compact and battery powered luminance and tristimulus colorimeter for the measurement of a wide range of luminance conditions and non-contact measurement of color. The CS-160 luminance and color meter allows luminance and chromaticity to be measured … Continue reading

CS-200 Luminance and Color Meter Image by Konica Minolta Sensing Americas

CS-200 Luminance and Color Meter

Easy to use to measure light source chromaticity and luminance, the CS-200 gives precise measurements.