UV Radiometer

Konica Minolta’s UV radiometers are small, handy, modularly constructed instruments with a choice of three receptor heads to record ultraviolet radiation. A radiometer is a device used to measure the intensity of radiant energy. In order to measure radiation emitted from a specific spectrum or to incorporate the radiometer within a certain spectral response, an optical filter is used. Radiometers are typically used for irradiance and radiance measurement. Radiance measurement is used to quantify the radiation emission from source, however, irradiance or the integrated irradiance measurement is used when the level of exposure is of concern. Radiance and irradiance, like luminance and illuminance, are two different things. Irradiance is a measure of radiant flux incident on an object’s surface while radiance is a measure of the total radiant intensity per unit projected area. The radiometer is the tool of choice in industries where quantification of light that is outside the visible spectrum, i.e., ultraviolet and infrared. Ultraviolet (UV) light is necessary, such as semiconductor manufacturing, printing or plate-making, and color-fastness testing. Radiometers also have biological applications. Konica Minolta’s UV radiometers are manufactured and tested with the highest industry standards in mind. Precision and accuracy are matters of necessity when using a UV radiometer in any application.