Assessment of Whiteness

For the hospitality industry, white is the often the preferred color for linens such as sheets and towels because of its association with with freshness and cleanliness.  There’s no standard to whiteness and the preferences on the shades of white depend on personal taste and perception. Frequent usage and exposure to chemicals during the washing process can deteriorate the whiteness of linens back to its natural yellowish color.

The lack of assessment on the whiteness of linen often leads to linens being discarded before the end of their useful life and incurring unnecessary costs by replacing it. Visual assessment and grading of whiteness level is subjective as factors like eye fatigue and light condition influence how we perceive colors.

Color measuring instruments such as Konica Minolta CR-20 Color Reader has the capability to measure whiteness index. This is useful in ensuring the whiteness level are assessed and graded objectively. The CR-20 color reader equipped with CIE L*a* b* colorimetric data that is capable of quantifying colored linens.

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