Innovative Optical Measurement Methodology For Automotive Surfaces

A webinar, presented by Mr. Christian Dietz of Konica Minolta Sensing Europe, on the innovative analysis of automotive surface, appearance, E-coat, and C-coat using TAMS.

What Is Visual Appearance Measurement

Color can be the starting point in evaluating the appearance of a product. However, describing a product appearance by the definition of color alone is insufficient. Other attributes like the gloss, haze, reflected image quality, and orange peels contribute to the overall appearance of a product, and they should be evaluated with equal importance.

Basics Of Color Measurement: Science Of Color Measurement

Various conditions can influence the appearance of an object’s color. They can make a color look brighter, duller, lighter, or darker. For example, two objects with the same color can appear identical under one light source but different under another light source. Additionally, the texture and other surface conditions influence how the color of an object will appear. It is necessary for us to understand all these conditions to communicate and control color objectively.

Basics Of Color Measurement: Color Quantification

Although colors affect us so much, our knowledge of color and its control is often insufficient. This lead to a variety of problems in deciding product color or in business transactions involving color. Is there a way in which we can express a given color accurately, describe that color to another person, and have that person correctly reproduce the color we perceive? How can color communication between all fields of industry and study be performed smoothly?

Basics Of Color Measurement: Color Perception

When a white light passes through a prism, the prism disperses the white light into red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet colors. The color dispersion is known as visual spectrum and technically, it is known as spectral distribution. But how can we tell the difference between colors, between the red of an apple and the yellow of a lemon?

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