Appearance Measurement

Rhopoint TAMS™

Rhopoint TAMS™ (Total Appearance Measurement System) is an innovative appearance meter that with comprehensive parameters that mimic human perception of surface appearance quality.

Rhopoint IQ-S 20°/60°/85°

The Rhopoint IQ-S is an easy-to-use and cost effective goniophotometer that not only measure gloss, it is also capable of quantifying effects such as haze and orange peel.

Rhopoint Novo-Gloss 60 KM

An easy-to-use and compact gloss meter with 60° measuring angle that is in full accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN and JIS standards.

Rhopoint IQ Flex 20

The Rhopoint IQ FLEX Glossmeter with external measurement head has been established as the reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance of paint and coatings.

Rhopoint Novo-Gloss Flex 60

Advanced glossmeter with ultra-lightweight remote measuring head for gloss applications with small footprint areas and hard to reach surfaces.

Multi Gloss MG-268A Gloss Meter

The MG-268A is an easy-to-operate and portable gloss meter with 3 measuring angles that is in compliance with international standards like ISO, DIN, ASTM and JIS.

Uni Gloss UG-60A/60CT/60S Gloss Meter

A single-angle gloss meter that is ideal for samples with medium gloss.

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