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We offer an expedite service (additional charge) which has a 48hr turn around time after we receive the unit.

Konica Minolta offers a technology insurance program (TIP) which is available at different levels, depending on your needs. Please visit Repairs & Tech Support for more information.

The contract includes all parts and labor with the exception of the sphere. The warranty will also be voided if there is evidence of tampering or user mishandling.

Please send in all masks, cables, AC adapters, the calibration plate and any other accessories that need to be tested or calibrated to the unit.

Unit accessories can be obtained by visiting

All units are returned with either a Certificate of Calibration or a Certificate of Conformance, depending on the model.

Yes. You should calibrate to your standard before you perform your measurements. Most units will ask you to calibrate if you have not already.

Konica Minolta suggests that you send in your unit for calibration yearly due to use of unit; degradation of white plate, etc.

Both are standard daylight illuminants; C is the average of north sky daylight and D65 is the most commonly used illuminant representing noon daylight. Most of our units default setting is C.

A colorimeter is an instrument used to measure light reflected or transmitted by a specimen. There are two general types of colorimeters commonly used – visit our website to learn more about functions of a colorimeter.

A Tristimulus Colorimeter is an instrument used to measure quantities which can be used to obtain an approximation of tristimulus values. They are used only for measuring the color difference between two similar, nonmetameric samples. Visit our website to learn more about the Tristimulus colorimeter.

Only you know what software is best for you depending of your system capabilities and what particular information you need to display.

Yes. Always send in whatever calibration plate that is associated with the unit. Degradation of the calibration plate causes the values to change and you want the most current values for that particular plate.

CM-3600d Bench Top Spectrophotometer

The CD has read only files that are not recognized by OnColor. You must copy the files from the CD into the Cm3600 folder in the OnColor folder. The default location is C:\Program Files\CyberChrome\OnColor\Cm3600.

During the summer months when the temperature and humidity are high, it is possible that the temperature and humidity levels of the unit can be exceeded, especially in a manufacturing environment. Move the unit to a dryer, cooler location and retest. If the error persists, please send the unit in for service.

The contract includes all parts and labor with the exception of the sphere. The warranty will also be voided if there is evidence of tampering or user mishandling.

  • Please follow these instructions if the 3600d has previously been connected to the computer with SpectraMagic NX:

    • Right click on SpectraMagic NX software icon, choose properties from menu.
    • Click “Find Target” button. In the window that opens up look for the folder named CM3600d.
    • Open the CM3600d folder and sort the files by name.
    • There are about 16 files that begin with DLL. DO NOT delete those files.
    • Only delete the files that begin with the serial number of your CM-3600d and the files that have the serial number of the white calibration plate. There should be about 29 files altogether.
    • Turn CM-3600d on. Open software. The software will ask for the unit drivers. Navigate to the CD and load the unit drivers.
    • After the unit drivers are loaded the software will ask for the calibration data. Load the calibration data off of the CD.

CM-2600d Portable Spectrophotometer

Konica Minolta recommends sending the unit in once a year for calibration.

CR-400 Colorimeter

Make sure that the CR-400 is not in PC Mode. To take the CR-400 out of PC Mode, press the escape button.


Every light meter has a difference tolerance level. Please consult your manual or the certificate of conformance supplied with your unit for yours.

Yes there is but most of the light meters can measure in both LX and FCD. The conversion formula is as follows: 1 FCD = 10.76 LX.

After speaking with one of our highly capable radiometric salespeople, you will be able to determine what light meter should be utilized for your company.

Each unit has it own capabilities so consulting your owners manual might help. If you are still experiencing difficulty, our Technical support engineers will be glad to guide you thru the process.

We use a N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified tungsten filament lamp to calibrate our light meters and only a Konica Minolta certified Service center can calibrate our light meter.


Turn unit off then remove Head from body and switch button from fc to lx.