Color Evaluation of Hair Dyes

Today, hair dyeing has become a common practice, particularly for people who are looking to make a fashion statement or to hide their undesirable grey or white hair. Hair dye products, whether permanent, semi-permanent or temporary, comes in various colors and shades. This is a result of extensive research into various chemical combinations. For hair dye manufacturers, rigorous testing must be in place to not only verify product safety, but also ensuring it produce the right hair color and shade result as intended.

During the development stage, besides evaluating the dyed hair tresses visually for color efficacy and colorfastness, the use of color measuring instrument can provide objective color data that can help manufacturers identify subtle shade difference. Below are some recommendations to ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability.

  • Tie hair tresses to create volume and thickness
  • Ensure tied hair tresses is large enough to cover the measuring port of the instrument.
  • Apply consistent force by using weight or white tile for each measurement.

An issue commonly faced by manufacturers is the difficulty in presenting dyed hair tresses for measurement. With the right color measuring instruments like Spectrophotometer CM-5 and Spectrophotometer CM-700d, and the help of hair measurement jig, color efficacy and colorfastness of hair dyes can be evaluated with ease.

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