How Store Lighting Influence Consumers?

Lighting is an important tool that help creates store experience which influence consumer purchasing behaviour. Conventional wisdom was that stores with bright and colorful lighting can easily attract consumers. This, however, is not practical as it is high in energy consumption and environmentally unfriendly. Recent studies explore for alternatives and found that a store’s brightness is not the only factor that influence consumer purchasing behaviour.

The first study discovers that while the store’s brightness is significant for consumers, color temperature and rendering are equally important. The right light’s color temperature can direct customers to certain parts within the store or even specific product. It also found out that bright lighting, when shining down from the ceiling, seemed effective in store windows.

The second study analysed people’s reaction by tracking their eye movement in different store lighting setups. They discovered that instead of brightly lit areas, people’s eyes are more attracted to areas with contrasting lighting. Also, blue light catches more attention than any other color.

Light measurement instruments like Konica Minolta Chroma Meter CL-200A and Illuminance Spectrophotometer CL-500A can help evaluate color temperature and brightness of various kind of lighting with ease.

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