How the Environment Influence Color in Printing?

Our environment, ranging from outdoor sunlight to indoor fluorescent and LED lighting, influence the way we perceive color. This is because each light source has their own color rendering capabilities which reproduce the color of an object differently. For instance, if a light source is poor at rendering red, samples that are in red will appear dull.

In the printing industry, color is an important element.  A print viewed in different environment will not only cause the same print color to be perceived differently, the judgement and communication of color can also be problematic.

To control and quantify a print, a standard illuminant has to be specified. Customers and suppliers are to agree on one illuminant (in some cases two or more illuminants) which will be used for checking. This can be done visually with the help of a lightbox or the use of spectrodensitometer by measuring the data with the agreed illuminant.

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