How To Achieve the Right Cosmetics Color Consistently?

In the cosmetic industry, getting the right color consistently is of utmost importance as it is one of the factors that influence new customers and retaining existing one. The importance of achieving accurate and consistent color necessitates the need for cosmetics manufacturers to measure and evaluate color.

Evaluating cosmetic color can be done either visually or through the use of spectrophotometer. Visual evaluation tends to be subjective as color perception varies between individuals and factors like lighting conditions, sample size and surrounding color affect our perception of color. Spectrophotometer on the other hand, provide consistent and objective evaluation of color instantly.

Cosmetics, whether in powder, paste or liquid form, requires a repeatable measurement method for each sample to achieve accurate color data. For example, perfumes which are generally transparent in nature, require transmittance measurement while lipsticks, which are opaque require reflectance measurement.

Color measuring instrument like Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-5, comes with a top-port and transmission chamber that is capable of performing transmittance and reflectance measurements.  With a wide variety of accessories like tube cells, petri dish, cuvettes and target mask and cuvettes available, CM-5 is suitable for a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Click here to watch a video of the CM-5.

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