How To Get the Right Roasted Coffee Beans Color?

For coffee roasters, the color of roasted coffee beans tells a lot about the coffee flavor and aroma. During roasting, as the coffee beans get darker, they gradually shift towards a burnt sugar flavor and roasty aroma. So in order to achieve the desired flavor and aroma, coffee roasters uses color to determine when to stop roasting.

Primarily, monitoring of coffee beans color is done visually. But this method has its shortcoming as the most qualified roasters can fall short on consistency when their eyes become tired. To achieve the right roasted coffee beans color consistently, a coffee color meter like Konica Minolta Chroma Meter CR-410C would be helpful.

Together with a coffee roast chart approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), measuring and quantifying of roasted coffee beans color using the Chroma Meter CR-410C can provide a more reliable measurement result and also help save time.

The SCAA Coffee Roast Chart is a standardized color chart with 8 different roast color used to quantify the color of coffee bean roast. With this coffee index, users are able to quantify the roast color with the use of instrumentation and visually compare the color with the chart.

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