Hyperspectral Imaging for Meat Quality Assessment

Meat is one of the most widely consumed products and is consumers’ preferred source of protein. For meat producers, supplying high-quality meat products to consumers is vital in today’s competitive market. Assessing and analyzing the intrinsic and extrinsic properties of meat is key in ensuring meat quality. Intrinsic properties like fat content and water content contribute to the flavor, with the latter also an indicator of freshness. Extrinsic properties like color are commonly used by consumers as an indication of freshness and quality.

There is an assortment of conventional methods like visual inspection, color and filter cameras, or lab tests to assess and analyze meat quality. However, these methods are destructive, time-consuming, and unsuitable for high-speed production processes. Furthermore, they can only sample small areas or volumes. High-speed, non-invasive, and objective assessment of meat quality can be achieved with Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) cameras.

HSI cameras like Specim IQ and FX series cameras provide high spectral resolution over the visible and near-infrared spectral regions, identifying subtle differences our eye cannot perceive. Additionally, these cameras measure over a large number of narrow and contiguous spectral bands. Hence, it can provide much more detailed information on the intrinsic and extrinsic properties of meat.

Both the Specim IQ and FX series cameras utilize the push-broom (line scan) system whereby the spectral and spatial information of the target is captured line-by-line to form the final spectral image (data cube). This system is suitable for measuring moving and changing targets on high-speed production processes.  With Specim IQ and FX series cameras, meat producers can assess the main quality traits of meat like fat and water content, tenderness, protein, collagen, pH, etc., and detect unwanted materials such as bone, cartilage, etc., with ease.

Aside from food, Specim IQ and FX series cameras are also widely used in various industrial and research applications such as plastics recycling, pharmaceutical products research and quality control, vegetation research, etc.

Spectral imaging is made easy with Specim HSI cameras. Watch the Specim IQ and FX series videos to learn more.

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