Learn the Basics of Color Technology To Build Better Brands

Education is the pillar of all societies. Today, many governments struggled with curriculum to prepare their young to be ready for the workforce. Color Science or Color Technology is not taught in schools, yet color is of outmost importance in the manufacturing industry.

The world buys on color, almost all retail purchase decisions are based on color.  Color is the first thing we look when shopping for a product.  The vegetables and fruits we get from the supermarket, the clothes we pick from the display shelves, the refrigerator and the television we select from the store, the car we view at the showroom, bright and colourful, they appeal to our eyes.

Many manufacturers invest in time and money to get the right colors to appeal to their customers and yet many quality control engineers, colorists, designers and researchers have little understanding of the science of color and a basic understanding of color technologies can help them in their work.

Learn The Basics Of Color Technology To Build Better Brands¬Often users of colorimeters and spectrophotometers familiar with CIE L*a*b* color space, sometimes have little understanding of what the numbers meant.  Expensive investment of spectrophotometer that gives “unique color numbers’ to control color which in fact can be used to improve quality, minimise rejection, precise color communication, trend analysis and as a color library.

You can pick up basic colorimetry and spectrophotometry easily with the practical “Precise Color Communication” booklet or get in touch for a Basic Color Seminar and Workshop to help you work through your color challenges.

Be the spark to get your company a head start to make color quality a priority.

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