Linen Whiteness in Commercial Laundry

White is important to the healthcare and hospitality industry because of its aesthetic purposes. For most hotels and hospitals, white linens are often preferred because of its associated with freshness, cleanliness and purity. As there is no reference standard to whiteness, preferences on the shades of white vary between different hotels and hospital.

For commercial laundry service providers that help hotels and hospitals with their laundry, it is important to ensure clean laundry is free from stain and the whiteness value meets their customer’s standard. Validating the whiteness visually can be tedious and challenging. Factors such as poor color memory, lightening conditions and eye fatigue slow down the inspection process and produce inconsistent visual judgment. To prevent errors, the use of color measuring instrument would be helpful.

Color measuring instrument like Konica Minolta CR-20 color reader has the necessary color spaces and indexes such as whiteness index and CIE L*a*b* to ensure both the white and colored linens are inspected and graded objectively. The CR-20 color reader is portable and simple to operate, suitable for on-site color evaluation and is used by many industrial chemical cleaning and laundry service providers.

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