Measuring the Whiteness of Laundry

In the commercial laundry or hospitality industry, sorting linens such as towels and sheets based on their soil level is an important procedure.  Because not all stains can be removed by regular chemical, classifying linens into heavy, medium and light soil level help optimize the amount of chemical used and prevent unnecessary rewash.

Linens are categorized into different soil level based on their whiteness level. Generally, evaluating the level of whiteness is done visually. But to produce consistent visual judgement of whiteness can be challenging as factors such as surrounding color, lighting conditions and tired eyes can influence how our eyes perceive colors.

Evaluating the level of whiteness of linens objectively requires color measuring instrument such as Konica Minolta CR-20 color reader. Suitable for on-site use, the CR-20 color reader is capable of measuring whiteness index and is popular in many laundry houses for quick, easy and objective evaluation.

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