The Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-410, with a diversified collection of measurement probes, is designed for the measurement and adjustment of chromaticity, luminance, flicker, and gamma characteristics in various display technologies, including Mini-LEDs and HDR displays.

Display Color Analyzer CA-410

The Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-410 is the latest in a line of industry-standard analyzers, succeeding the Display Color Analyzer CA-310. The CA-410 offers superior performance, with high-speed measurement capabilities, wider luminance measurement range, and improved chromaticity measurement accuracy. Its advanced features make it well-suited to meet the measurement needs of various display technologies, including HDR, OLED, and micro-displays.

The CA-410 series is designed for seamless integration into automatic systems, featuring a motorized zero-calibration shutter, synchronization detection, and direct probe-PC connection. Come with both RS-232C and USB ports, the CA-410 series offers compatibility with previous models CA-210/310, maintaining the same basic communication commands.

The CA-410 features a wide range of measurement probes catering to different measurement needs.

ø27 mm Measurement Area

  • Advanced High-Sensitivity Probe CA-VP427A
  • High-Sensitivity Probe CA-VP427
  • Normal Probe CA-P427
  • High Luminance Probe CA-P427H

These probes, featuring a measurement area of ø27 mm, are ideal for evaluating large-size displays like TVs, PC monitors, large-screen smartphones, in-vehicle screens, etc.

Ø10 mm Measurement Area

  • Advanced High-Sensitivity Probe CA-VP410A
  • High-Sensitivity Probe CA-VP410
  • Normal Probe CA-P410
  • High Luminance Probe CA-P410H

These probes come with a measurement area of ø10 mm and are suitable for measuring smart watches, small smartphones, and other small-size displays.

Ø2 mm, Ø4 mm Measurement Area

  • Small Spot Probe CA-VP402
  • Small Spot Probe Probe CA-VP404

The CA-VP402 and CA-VP404 probes, with measurement areas of Ø2 mm and Ø4 mm, respectively, are suitable for measuring micro OLEDs, smart watches, and similar display devices.

Long Working Distance (LWD)

  • LWD Probe CA-VP410T

The CA-VP410T probe, with a measurement distance of 200 mm and measurement area of Ø10 mm, is suitable for multi-angle measurements on OLED displays for smartphones and in-vehicle screens, including curved displays’ viewing angle characteristics.

CIE 170-2:2015 Supported

  • CIE 170-2:2015 Probe CA-P427C
  • CIE 170-2:2015 Probe CA-P410C

The CA-P427C and CA-P410C probes, with measurement areas of Ø27 mm and Ø10 mm, respectively, offer color-matching functions that conform to the CIE170-2:2015 definition.

Display Color Analyzer CA-410

  • Wide range of of probes for diverse measurement needs:
    • Advanced High Sensitivity Probes
    • High Sensitivity Probes
    • Normal Probes
    • High Luminance Probes
    • CIE 170-2:2015 Compliant Probes
    • Small Spot Probes
    • Long working Distance Probe
  • Wide luminance measuring range with better absolute luminance and chromaticity accuracy
  • 2 sensors (XYZ and Flicker) in one probe
  • Stand-alone measurement of JEITA flicker with optional data processor CA-DP40
  • Connection and simultaneous measurement of up to a maximum of 10 probes with optional data processor CA-DP40
  • Automatic zero calibration with optional data processor CA-DP40
  • Full software support: PC Software CA-S40 and Software Development Kit CA-SDK2

Display Color Analyzer CA-410

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Display Color Analyzer CA-410

Catalog (High Sensitivity, Normal & Mini Probes) Download: Download PDF (2.6MB)

Catalog (CIE 170-2: 2015 Supported Probes) Download: Download PDF (1.6MB)

Catalog (Small Spot & Long Working Distance Probes) Download: Download PDF (2.7MB)

CA-410 Probe Comparison Chart Download: Download PDF (0.9MB)

Owner’s Manual: Download PDF (22.7MB)

Video: Color Analyzer CA-410 for Display Calibration

Video: Color Analyzer CA-410 Gamma Measurement

Display Color Analyzer CA-410 Series

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