High-speed and highly accurate optical measuring instrument that is capable of measuring a wide range of displays such as OLED displays.

CA-410 Color Analyzer

The emergence of OLED technology necessitate the need for wider color gamut and greater intensity measurement. The Color Analyzer CA-410 (successor of CA-310), with higher-accuracy measurement, is designed for the measurement and testing of today’s ever-evolving displays.

Equipped with new sensors and circuitry, the CA-410 offers users the ability to accurately measure and adjust the chromaticity and gamma characteristics of High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays across luminance range of 0.001 to 5,000 cd/m2. With improved XYZ filter that closely matches CIE 1931 color-matching functions and new calibration light source which simulate wide-gamut OLED, user can more accurately measure and adjust the white balance and chromaticity of wide color gamut displays.

The CA-410 is designed to be integrated easily into today’s highly automated production processes. It can be configured through the use of direct connection between measuring probe and computer. It also has a motorized zero-point calibration shutter for unmanned operation.

CA-410 Color Analyzer

  • 3 types of probe (High Sensitivity, Normal and Mini) for diverse measurement needs
  • Wider luminance measuring range with better absolute luminance and chromaticity accuracy
  • 2 sensors (XYZ and Flicker) in one probe
  • Stand-alone measurement of JEITA flicker with data processor CA-DP40
  • Connection and simultaneous measurement of up to a maximum of 10 probes with data processor CA-DP40
  • Automatic zero calibration

CA-410 Color Analyzer

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CA-410 Color Analyzer

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Color Analyzer CA-410

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