The Specim IQ is a portable hyperspectral camera that can capture, process, and visualize hyperspectral data quickly and easily. It is ideal for lab work, fieldwork, and on-the-go hyperspectral imaging analysis, giving you the information you need to make critical decisions in an instant.

Specim IQ – Portable Hyperspectral Camera

A portable hyperspectral camera that is based on a line-scan (push broom) hyperspectral imager, the Specim IQ is an all-in-one hyperspectral imaging solution that combines hyperspectral measurement, data processing, and result visualization. Compact and battery-operated, the Specim IQ can be used in various environments: laboratory, industrial facility, or even on-site/field, providing instant hyperspectral measurement and analysis with ease.

The Specim IQ has an in-built scanner and doesn’t require an external scanner to move the target, or the camera, during measurement like most line-scan hyperspectral cameras do. No prior experience in hyperspectral imaging is required when it comes to operating the Specim IQ, as it has an intuitive user interface that guides the user through the hyperspectral measurement process. Operating the Specim IQ is similar to a digital camera; point at the target, define the settings, and measure. Furthermore, it can operate in various modes like default recording mode, which provides unprocessed hyperspectral data (raw and reflectance data), or user-definable application mode.

The Specim IQ hyperspectral camera is supported by the Specim IQ Studio PC software, where users can develop and upload their applications into the camera. Through the Specim IQ Studio, users can also manage hyperspectral data and camera settings or create models and reference spectrums.

The innovative and versatile Specim IQ opens up endless new possibilities for hyperspectral imaging in existing applications like agriculture, food, etc., and new application fields.

Specim IQ – Portable Hyperspectral Camera

  • Hyperspectral + viewfinder camera
  • In-built scanner and motor
  • Embedded data processing unit
  • Operating software, Specim IQ Studio, for data acquisition and processing
  • Touch screen display and physical buttons
  • Lightweight and compact design with IP class protection
  • Various operational modes:
    • Default recording mode
    • Automatic Screening mode
    • Application mode (user definable)
    • Time lapse mode
    • Remote usage
  • USB and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery power supply

Specim IQ – Portable Hyperspectral Camera

Spectral camera VNIR 400-1000 nm (CMOS)
Viewfinder camera 5 Mpix
User interface SW By Specim
Storage SD card (max: 32 GB)
Data Format Specim Dataset with ENVI compatible data files
Battery 5200 mAh Li-Ion (Type 26650)
Operational time Appx. 100 measurements (one SD card and battery)
Display & keyboard 4.3 ” touch screen + 13 physical buttons
Camera interface USB Type-C, Wi-Fi
Size 207 x 91 x 74 mm (depth with lens 125,5 mm)
Weight (kg) 1.3
F/number 1.7
Wavelength band 400-1000 nm
Spectral resolution FWHM 7 nm
Spatial Sampling 512 pix
Spectral bands 204
Peak SNR > 400:1
Object distance    150 – ∞ mm
FOV 31 x 31 deg
FOV at 1 m 0.55 x 0.55 m
Temperature (operational) +5°C – +40°C
Humidity (operational) 95% non-condensing

Specim IQ – Portable Hyperspectral Camera

Catalog Download: Download PDF (1.16MB)

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Specim IQ - Portable Hyperspectral Camera

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