The Spectrophotometer CM-36d is a user-friendly benchtop color measurement instrument that offers accurate reflectance color measurement for a wide range of applications such as plastics, paints, ceramics, and more.



Spectrophotometer CM-36d

The Spectrophotometer CM-36d is a benchtop color measuring instrument designed to meet today’s measurement requirements. With its advanced features and cost-effective solutions, this entry-level spectrophotometer offers optimal performance for various applications, from plastics to ceramics.

With an inter-instrument agreement (IIA) of ΔE*ab< 0.15 and repeatability of σ∆E*ab < 0.03, the CM-36d can assure the measurement and its data are communicated within the supply chain consistently.

The CM-36d is design with enhanced useability. The instrument comes with a flat-back design that allows its orientation to be repositioned to take measurements vertically (top-port concept). The front plate of the CM-36d comes with four screw holes that enable easy installation of custom adapter/sample holders. It also has three different aperture sizes (Ø 4.0 mm, 8.0 mm, and 25.4 mm) for different measurement needs.

With an easy-to-read status panel with the measuring button, the CM-36d can displays the measurement status and condition settings at a glance, reducing operator error and improve work efficiency. Accurate positioning of the measurement sample is made easy with its sample viewing function that utilizes an integrated camera to provides a clear preview of the sample.

The CM-36d offers worry-free and high-reliability measurement through its optional WAA (Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment) function that analyzes and adjusts for any wavelength shift during each calibration. This innovative function ensures the instrument and measurement are stable and reliable over time.

Spectrophotometer CM-36d

  • High Inter-Instrument Agreement (IIA) of ΔE*ab< 0.12 (LAV/SCI; Average of 12 BCRA series II color Tiles)
  • Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment (WAA) function1.
  • Status panel that displays all settings and conditions of the instrument.
  • 3 different measurement area:
    • LAV ø25.4 mm
    • MAV ø8 mm
    • SAV ø4 mm
  • Sample viewer function2.
  • New instrument design with enhanced usability.
    • Four screw holes on the front plate for installation of customized adapter/sample holders.
    • “Flat back” design that allows the instrument to be used as a “top-port” instrument.

1License required.
2Konica Minolta SpectraMagic NX software Ver. 3.2 or later required.

Spectrophotometer CM-36d

ColorIllumination/ Viewing SystemReflectance:

di:8°, de:8° (diffused illumination, 8° viewing), SCI (Specular Component Included) / SCE (Specular Component Excluded) switchable.

Conforms to CIE No.15, lSO7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033 Teil7, and JIS Z 8722 condition c standards

Integrating Sphere SizeØ152 mm (6 inches)
DetectorDual 40-element silicon photodiode arrays
Spectral Separation DeviceDiffraction grating
Wavelength Range360 to 740 nm
Wavelength Pitch10 nm
Half Bandwidthapprox. 10 nm


0 to 200%
Resolution: 0.01%
Light Source1 Pulsed xenon lamps
Illumination / Measurement AreaLAV: Ø30.0 mm / Ø25.4 mm

MAV: Ø11.0 mm / Ø8.0 mm

SAV: Ø7.0 mm / Ø4.0 mm

RepeatabilityColorimetric values: Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.03

Spectral reflectance: Standard deviation within 0.1%

(When a white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 10-second intervals after white calibration)

Inter-Instrument AgreementWithin ΔE*ab 0.15

(Based on average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles; LAV/SCI. Compared to values measured with master body under Konica Minolta standard measurement conditions)

UV SettingNo adjustment function (UV 100%)
Measurement TimeApprox. 3.5 second (SCI+SCE measurement)
Minimum Interval Between MeasurementsApprox. 4 second (SCI+SCE measurement)
Sample Viewer FunctionUsing internal camera

(Image viewable/copiable using optional software such as SpectraMagic NX software Ver. 3.2 or later)

Internal Performance Check*2WAA (Wavelength Analysis & Adjustment) Technology
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Target Mask Auto DetectionYes
PowerDedicated AC adapter
Operating temperature / humidity range13 to 33°C, Relative humidity: 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature / humidity range0 to 40°C, Relative humidity: 80% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Size (W x H xD) Approx. 248 x 250 x 498 mm
Weight  Approx. 8.3 kg

Spectrophotometer CM-36d

Catalog Download: Download PDF (5.34MB)

Owner’s Manual: Download PDF (3.96MB)

CM-36dG Series Catalog Appendix (accessories, etc.): Download PDF (1.94MB)

Spectrophotometer CM-36d

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