Automotive Displays and Lighting Testing

Automotive displays and lighting contribute greatly to the functionality, safety and driving experience of a vehicle and its driver. With new technological advances in lighting and display, like adaptive LED headlights or head-up displays projected onto the windshield, comes new regulations and standards for quality, performance and safety.

Konica Minolta, along with group company Radiant Vision Systems, offers comprehensive measurement solutions, from DIN/JIS compliance illuminance photometers/spectrometers to state of art imaging photometers/colorimeters, to help automotive manufacturers comply with the stringent regulations and standards of today’s automotive lighting and display.

Below are some of the general automotive lighting and display measurement applications.

Displays (In-Vehicle Displays, Electronic Mirrors, Head-Up Displays, Camera Monitor Systems)

  • Brightness, color, contrast and uniformity evaluation
  • Pixel and line defects inspection
  • Mura evaluation
  • Evaluating variation across view angles
  • Anti-glare sparkle effects evaluation

Backlit Symbols (Instrument Cluster, Center Stacks, PRNDL, Buttons with illuminated icons/characters)

  • Luminance and chromaticity of night-time colors
  • Luminance and chromaticity uniformity of night-time colors
  • Chromaticity of day-time colors
  • Inter- and Intra- character uniformity

Lightings (Headlamps and Exterior Lighting)

  • Light source illuminance, luminous intensity and roadway illumination distribution measurement
  • Evaluation of ECE and SAE Regulation or custom test points

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