Color Measurement Made Simple

Color is an important part of manufacturing and there are many challenges to get the right color accurately and consistency. Commercial laundry needs to make sure that all cleaned laundry for the hotel and service industry meets a whiteness value, and the dairy production needs to meet the right yellow for butter. The burger chain needs to ensure all buns are baked to the desired color. In the orchard, color is an indication of when to harvest. The customer needs to be convinced that the color is right and there is no compromised quality.

Technology has made color measurement simple and affordable. In the past, a visible spectrophotometer, an advanced color measurement instrument, is expensive and out of reach. Today, with microelectronics, a color instrument like the Color Reader CR-20 is affordable and easy to use.

A handheld instrument, the CR-20 is simple to operate. Turn it on, calibrate the colorimeter with the standard white reference plate and it is ready for color measurement. With 8 colorimetric spaces and indexes, the CR-20 is an aid to visual color assessment. Suitable for onsite use, color evaluation on the production line can be fast and objective, leading to improved productivity.

Together with Precise Color Communication, a color science booklet, understanding color is made simple.

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