Display Calibration of Professional Display

Within the professional film and TV industry, various types of displays and monitors (LED, LCD, OLED) are used at different stages of the digital production operation. Calibrating all these displays helps ensure color reproduction of both videos and photos are accurate and consistent. With regards to display calibration, the inspection and adjustment of white point and gamma are essential.

White point, also known as color temperature of the display, is used to describe the color of white light produced by a light source. In displays, the light output for red (R), green (G) and blue (B) are adjusted to produce the desire white that corresponds to industry reference standard.

Gamma is the measure of luminance levels from the lightest to the darkest shades on a display. As color reproduction of display is based on the combination of RGB, obtaining consistency requires correcting the three colors channels within each shade individually.

Monitor and display calibration instrument like Konica Minolta Display Color Analyzer CA-410  can help user to inspect and adjust white point and gamma with ease.

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