Head-Up Displays (HUDs) Testing

The technical development of head-up displays (HUDs) technology remains the focus within the automotive industry with the growing awareness about passenger and vehicle safety. HUDs project essential information regarding the vehicle and navigation within the driver’s normal field of view, giving the driver access to vital information with minimum disruption to their concentration.

The imaging quality of the HUDs is crucial in ensuring information conveyed to the driver within the real-world environment is clear and accurate. International standards like SAE J1757-2 have been established to provide measurement criteria to evaluate HUDs for quality and safety. Standardized tests must account for HUD images’ luminance, chromaticity, contrast, focal distances, etc.

Konica Minolta with Radiant Vision Systems offers a comprehensive and automated HUD measurement system that provides both photometric and dimensional (spatial data) measurements. This measurement system utilizes the ProMetric® imaging colorimeter and TrueTest™ software with TT-HUD™ module. The basic measurement setup involves positioning the ProMetric® imaging colorimeter at the driver eye position (Eye Box) to simulate the heights and positions of a driver and measure the projected images on the opaque monocolor surface (paravan) or the infinite plane.

Illustration of a basic HUD measurement setup
Illustration of a basic HUD measurement setup

The ProMetric® imaging colorimeter features an electronically controlled lens that has the flexibility to evaluate projected images at different working distances and depths of field. This feature is useful when testing augmented-reality (AR) HUDs that project images at multiple distances. Used together with the TrueTest™ software and TT-HUD™ module, users can communicate and control test images projected by the HUD system. They can also control the ProMetric® imaging colorimeter remotely for measurement and enable the defined tests in sequence for fully automated testing. Below are some of the tests available in this measurement system.

  • Uniformity
  • Chromaticity
  • ANSI brightness
  • Sequential contrast
  • Diagonal checkerboard analysis
  • Points of Interest comparison
  • Modulation transfer function (MTF) line pair
  • Distortion dot and line grid analysis
  • Ghosting analysis
  • Warping analysis
  • Eye box test
Ghosting Analysis to detect duplicate projections caused by ghosting effects
Distortion Dot Grid analysis to test distortion
Test sequencing function for fully automated testing of critical HUD imaging quality parameters
Test sequencing function for fully automated testing of critical HUD imaging quality parameters

Check out this whitepaper and video to learn or find out more about our HUD-dedicated measurement system.

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