How Does Orange Peel and Haze Affects Surface Finishing?

High gloss, deep finishing, smooth and homogenous are what consumers look for in a high quality product. To ensure these attributes in finishes, manufacturers ensures that the coating they use are free from orange peel and haze.

Beside gloss evaluation, visual attributes like Peak Specular Reflectance (RSPEC), Haze, Reflected Image Quality (RIQ), Distinctness of Image (DOI) and Goniophotometeric Curves (GS) provide insight into a finish quality.

Potential causes of poor visual quality can be identified by these attributes helping manufacturers to troubleshoot coating recipe or formulation, substrate quality, application techniques and environmental problems during curing or drying.

Read what Peak Specular Reflectance (RSPEC), Haze, Reflected Image Quality (RIQ) and Distinctness of Image (DOI) and Goniophotometeric Curves (GS) are and see how these attributes can help improve your finish quality.

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About the Author: Alan Chua

Alan Chua is the Assistant Manager of Konica Minolta Sensing Singapore Pte Ltd. Graduated from an electrical engineering background, he is mainly involved in sales, seminar, training and coaching in the field of light and color management. In his 18 years of experience in managing and providing solutions to the many industrial applications, he has also conducted color seminars and workshops to educate the industry on instrumentation technologies and color science. He was also invited as speaker for The Academy of Fashion Professions ( seminar which is the training arm of Textile & Fashion Federation (TaF.f). He was also the speaker for the Color Cosmetics Conference.