How To Check the Clarity in Transparent Materials?

The perceived quality of a transparent material like plastic film or acrylic sheet is generally judged based on its clarity; How well can we see through such transparent material. When there are process or raw materials inconsistency, flaws or distortion will happen in such materials like plastics or glass. This will cause the light that passes through the material to distort or scatter, thus creating transmission haze.

Without proper control, transmission haze can create a blurry appearance in transparent materials like glass and plastic films or automotive windshields, and compromise its clarity. To ensure the clarity and visibility in products where transparency is essential (e.g., glass and plastic films, transparent packing, or automotive windshields), transmission haze measurement is vital. Today, with the advances in color measurement technology, color measuring instruments can now measure not only color, but also transmission haze. When attempting to measure transmission haze in transparent materials, Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-5, with QC analysis software like SpectraMagic NX Pro Software, can provide fast and easy quantification of correlated haze.

Using the CM-5, a reference correlated haze value (percent haze value), can first be defined to ensure each batch of material maintains its transparency consistently. If the correlated haze value of the material is not within the established reference standard, its formulation should be corrected and documented for future batches. By identifying these issues early, unnecessary rework and rejects can be prevented. As a general rule, a correlated haze value of 0% indicates complete transparency, while a haze value that is greater up to 30% is considered to be diffusing or translucent.

Besides having the appropriate instrumentation, standardizing the measurement procedures, like how the sample is prepared and presented during measurement, is of equal importance in ensuring accurate and repeatable measurement results. The CM-5 has a wide selection of accessories like the Transmittance Specimen Holder and Attachment to help ensure samples are presented consistently across all measurements.

Watch this video to get a clearer understanding of the simplicity and versatility of CM-5.

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