How To Measure the Color of Instant Coffee?

Having coffee anytime and anywhere is easy with instant coffee.  Add water to the instant coffee granules, you can have coffee immediately.  Coffee is brewed from roasted grounded beans and transformed to granules by either freeze or spray drying.

Roasting and preparation methods affect the flavor of the coffee.  In roasting, the color of beans is an indicator of the roast and the brewing process requires precise proportion of the ingredients in order to achieve the right brew color so that a consistent granule color can be manufactured.

The manufacturing of instant coffee requires color management throughout the process in order to achieve the right color all the time.

Measuring color is subjective as our eyes do not always agree with each other and there are no physical standards to help manufacturers compare the color.  The color of instant coffee granules is dependent on the roast level and the brewing process.  Color checks during roasting and brewing are necessary to minimize wide variance in order to make color control of granules meaningful.

In color measurement, the commonly used color space is the CIE L*a*b* and CIE L*C*h.  With the help of color measuring instruments such as Konica Minolta Chroma Meters CR-410C or Spectrophotometer CM-5, users can measure color with ease, helping to improve quality and yield in the production of instant coffee.

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