The BC-10 Plus is specifically designed to measure the color of baked, smoked, fried and processed foods, including ingredients. This instrument is lightweight, easy‐to operate and conforms to DIN, CIE, and ISO standards.

BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter

The handheld BC‐10 Plus (successor to the BC‐10) Baking Contrast Meter is specifically designed to measure the color of baked, processed fried and smoked foods. Furthermore, it can also measure the color of ingredients. It is ideal for companies with multiple lines, restaurants and co-packers that seek consistency in the appearance of their products.

The BC-10 Plus comes with an LCD screen that can display measurement values in Baking Contrast Units (BCU) or CIELab (L*a*b*) values. The use of xenon lamp light source assures measurements taken are repeatable and stable.

With a new ergonomic design for repeated use over long periods of time, the BC-10 Plus also comes with data management capabilities such as data memory (1000 measurements), built-in utility software and USB connectivity to help users manage data easily.


BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter

  • Simple operation: 1- Switch on, 2- Perform white calibration, 3- Measure sample
  • Display measurement in Baking Contrast Units (BCU) or CIELAB (L*a*b*)
  • Averaging function allows for multiple measurement
  • Pulsed xenon lamps
  • 1000 data memory capacity
  • USB connectivity
  • Built-in data management software

BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter

Model BC-10 Plus
Measurement Format 0.01 – 5.25 BCU
Measurement Area 8 mm round
Measurement Time Approx. 1 sec.
Geometry 8° illumination angle/diffuse viewing
Size W=66mm x H=159.5mm x L = 85mm , Weight =420g plus batteries
Power Options Can be powered by 4 AA batteries, USB bus power or optional AC Adapter
Repeatability Standard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.1 (when a white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 10-second intervals)

BC-10 Plus Baking Contrast Meter

Catalog Download: Download PDF (2.3MB)

Owner’s Manual: Download PDF (1.4MB)

Baking Contrast Meter BC-10 Plus

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