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The easy to use T-10 and T-10M are handheld meters that measure the quality and brightness of specific locations highlighted by a light source.

(DISCONTINUED) T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters

The T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters are Lux meters. These devices are used to evaluate the lux measurement (illumination strength) of light hitting a particular location. These devices further provide the ability to calculate illumination and average values making them viewable on the LED screen.

The T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters display comparable illumination values as percentages or difference values according to user’s choice. The keypad allows users to enter targeted levels by measurement or manually. The T-10 series will automatically calibrate after powering up and features the ability to measure intermittent and continuous light sources. Users also have the option of entering color correction factors for the adaptation of particular light sources.

This lux meter has a vast measurement range (0.01 to 299,900lx) along with automatic range switching. This device has a removable receptor head to better accommodate a variety of measurements. Users have the capability of attaching up to 30 separate receptor heads for simultaneous multipoint measurements through a serial port that doesn’t require the lux meter itself to be moved; a convenient feature for large film screens that need the measurement of several areas at once.

The T-10M lux meter has a measurement area of 14mm diameter which is perfect for tight spaces and has the ability of measuring flickering light. This device is battery operated for portability.

T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters

(DISCONTINUED) T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters

  • Easy to use – simple, multi-function operation, with keypad cover to avoid accidental operation
  • Automatic Calibration – automatically adjusts to zero at powering on for immediate measurement
  • Auto-range functions – enables the instrument to have the ability to measure a wide range, automatic or manual setting
  • LCD screen – backlit, LCD screen displays average values, illumination, comparison of illuminance values
  • Portable – small, compact, and powered by AA-size batteries
  • Versatile – also has the ability to measure flickering light

(DISCONTINUED) T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters

ModelIlluminance meter T-10Illuminance meter T-10M
TypeMulti-function digital illuminance meter with detachable receptor head
ReceptorSilicon photocell
Relative Spectral Response*Within 8% (f1) of the CIE spectral luminous efficiency V (λ)
Cosine Correction CharacteristicsWithin ±1% at 10° ; Within ±2% at 30° ; Within ±6% at 50° ; Within ±7% at 60° ; Within ±25% at 80°
Illuminance unitsLux (lx) or foot candles (fcd) (switchable)
Measuring rangeAuto range (manual 5 range at the time of analog output)
Measuring functionIlluminance(lx). illuminance difference(lx). illuminance ratio(%). integrated illuminance(lx*h). integration time(h). average illuminance(lx).
Measuring rangeIlluminance … 0.01 to 299,900 lx 0.001 to 29,990 fcd
Integrated illuminance … 0.01 to 999,900 × 103 lx*h 0.001 to 99,990 × 103 fcd*h / 0.001 to 9999 h
User calibration functionCCF(Color Correction Factor) setting function
Accuracy±2% ±1digit of displayed value (based on Konica Minolta standard)
Temperature/humidity driftWithin ±3% ±1digit (of value displayed at 20°C/68°F ) within operating temperature/humidity range
Digital outputRS-232C
Analog output1mV/digit,3V at maximum reading; Output impedance: 10KO; 90% response time: FAST setting: 1ms, SLOW setting: 1s
Display3 or 4 Significant-digit LCD with back-light illumination
Operating temperature/humidity range-10 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Storage temperature /humidity range-20 to 55°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
Power source2 AA-size batteries / AC adapter (optional)
Battery life72 hours or longer (when alkaline batteries are used) in continuous measurement
Dimensions69 ×174 × 35 mm (2-6/16×6-14/16×1-7/16 in.)Main body : 69 × 161.5 ×30 mm (2-6/16×6-6/16×1-3/16 in.)
Receptor : Φ16.5 × 12.5 (Φ11/16 × 1/2 in.)
Cord length : 1m ( 3.3 in.)
Weight200g (7.0 oz.) without battery205g (7.2 oz.) without battery
Standard accessoriesΦ3.5mm(Φ1/8 in.) subminiature plug for analog output ; Receptor cap ; Neck strap ; Case ; BatteryΦ3.5mm(Φ1/8 in.) subminiature plug for analog output ; Neck strap ; Case ; Battery
Optional accessoriesReceptor head ; Adapter for Multi-point ; AC Adapter ; Data processing software

(DISCONTINUED) T-10 and T-10M Illuminance Meters

Owner’s Manual: Download PDF (1.2MB)