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Measures the gloss condition of object surfaces.

(Discontinued) Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

Ultra Compact Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter with three measuring ccedngles in cce portable device

The Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter is ultra compact and portable with three measuring angles in full accordance with ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, and JIS norms. All functions including language settings, calibration, measurement, and statistics can be performed with only two operation keys. With the three angles 20°, 60° and 85°, various glossy surfaces, from high gloss to matte, can be easily measured. Up to 999 measurements can be stored and used for statistical calculations for perfect production control.

Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

(Discontinued) Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

  • Compact, lightweight, and extremely portable.
  • Highly user-friendly.
  • Compliant with ISO, ASTM, DIN, and JIS International standards.

(Discontinued) Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter


ModelMulti Gloss 268Plus
Measuring geometry20°, 60°, 85°
Size of Measurement Spot20° : 10 × 10 mm

60° : 9 × 15 mm

85° : 5 × 38 mm

Standard complianceISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTM D 523,
ASTM D 2457, DIN 67 530, JIS Z 8741,
BS 3900, BS 6161(Part 12)
Measurement range20° : 0.0 to 2,000 GU

60° : 0.0 to 1,000 GU

85° : 0.0 to 160 GU

Resolution0.0 to 99.9 GU  : 0.1 GU

100 to 2,000 GU : 1 GU

Measurement precisionRepeatability

0.0∼99.9 GU : 0.2 GU
100∼2,000 GU : 0.2% of reading

Inter Instrument agreement

0.0∼99.9 GU : 0.5 GU

100∼2,000 GU : 0.5% of reading

Memory999 measurements with date and time
Differencemeasurement Memory for 50 standard
Battery performanceApprox. 10,000 measurements
(when using 1.5 V AA(R6)size alkaline battery)
Measurement time0.5 seconds (each measurement)
Power OFFAuto : 10∼99 seconds select
Measurement modeNormal mode (Sample mode, Statistics, Continuous, Basic mode), Difference mode
InterfaceRS-232C format
Operating temperature/ humidity range15 to 40°C relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C with no condensation)
Storage temperature/ humidity range-10 to 60°C relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C with no condensation)
Power supply1.5 V AA(R6)size alkaline battery
Dimensions155(W) × 73(H) × 48(D) mm
Weight400 g
ModelMulti Gloss 268Plus
Standard accessoriesCalibration holder TRI, High gloss tile,  PC-cable, Carrying case, Data transfer software (gloss-link)
, 1.5 V AA(R6)size alkaline battery
Optional accessoriesChecking standard TRI
(3 semi gloss tiles 20, 60, 85°)
Checking standard mirror
(3 tiles 20, 60, 85°)
AC adapter

Note : The specifications described in this document are subject to change without notice.

(Discontinued) Multi Gloss 268Plus Gloss Meter

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