The Rhopoint IQ FLEX Glossmeter with external measurement head has been established as the reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance of paint and coatings.

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20

The Rhopoint IQ FLEX Glossmeter with external measurement head has been established as the reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance of paint and coatings, particularly in the automotive and marine coatings sectors. By measuring a complete goniophotometric curve, the instrument combines the measurement of gloss, reflectance haze and orange peel (DOI/RIQ values) in a single measurement.

The Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20 brings appearance measurement to a higher level, specifically designed for difficult surfaces or small parts. The small footprint of the IQ FLEX 20 sensor makes for easier measurement of curved surfaces and difficult to reach areas when compared to a conventional glossmeter.

For improved performance and repeatability on even the smallest parts, the Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20 can be customized with magnetically attached adaptor plates. Using 3D printing technology, it is possible to create custom measuring jigs from the CAD diagrams of your components. These adapters can be easily interchanged for different applications:

  • 3 measurement spot sizes available in Flex 20 (6mm, 4mm & 2mm) for small parts and curved surfaces
  • Repeatable control of small parts and buttons
  • Non-contact plates for in-line applications

gloss and appearance rhopoint flex 20

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20

  • Small measurement heads for small or curved parts
  • Full color easy to read screen with auto rotation
  • Onboard Statistics and Graphs
  • USB results download to PC without the need to install software
  • Batch description with user definable names
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Single button press to measure all parameters
  • Fast measurement,
  • Fast and simultaneous measurement of all parameters

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20

ModelRhopoint IQ Flex 20
GlossResolution 0.1GU – Repeatability ±0.2GU – Reproducibility ±0.5GU
Measurement range: FLEX 20: 0-2000GU
RSpecPeak Specular Reflectance: 20° ±0.09905°
Reflectance HazeNear Specular Reflectance measured at 17.2-19°, 21-22.8°
Switchable between Haze Units (HU) and Log Haze Units (LogHU)
Resolution 0.1HU – Repeatability ±0.2HU – Reproducibility ±1.5HU
RIQ (reflected image quality)Resolution 0.1 – Repeatability ±0.2 – Reproducibility ±0.5
Measurement range: 0-100
DOI (distinctiveness of image)Resolution 0.1 – Repeatability ±0.2 – Reproducibility ±0.5
Measurement range: 0-100
Gloss calibration standardTraceability: BAM Traceable
Uncertainty: 0.4GU
Measurement AreaFLEX 20°: 6mm x 6mm (4mm x 4mm & 2mm x 2mm with optional adapter)
Auto Rotating Colour ScreenHigh resolution illuminated color display
Brightness adjustable
6 button touch sensitive interface
ConstructionAll aluminium construction – enclosure, optics, standard holder
Statistical AnalysisMax, Min, Mean, S.D.
All measured Parameters
Graphical AnalysisOn board trend analysis
Gloss and IQ Values
PowerRechargeable Lithium Ion
Operate fromInternal Battery/USB/Mains Charger
Recharge TimeMains Charger 4 hrs
Memory8 MB– >999 Readings
User definable batching
Data TransferBluetooth
PC & MAC compatible
USB Connection
No software install required
Dimensions & Weight150mm x 79mm x 34mm (without head) (H x W x D); 550g

Rhopoint IQ FLEX 20

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Rhopoint IQ Flex 20

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