The Importance of Color Management in Printing

Color is a critical element in the printing industry and displaying the right and consistent offset and digital printout color is of utmost importance. It helps to set apart the good printouts from the bad ones, hence, the implementation of color management throughout the printing workflow is important.

Measuring color is subjective as color perception varies between individuals. Factors such as difference in lighting environments, viewing angles and background color can influence the color perception of printout.

Here are some best practices to implement into the printing workflow:

  • Use a spectrodensitometer to quantify color and communicate the CIE L*a*b* data for easy evaluation and understanding. Spectrodensitometer also allows user to set different lighting conditions for color evaluation under different environment.
  • Light sources affect color, hence, it is recommended to use a lightbox or move to a different lighting environment to evaluate color.
  • Ensure that you calibrate your printer daily for good color consistency.
  • Always evaluate between a target and a sample. Use a colorimeter to check the color difference and adjust the color to match the target color closely.

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